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Introducing Player.me

Finally we’re able to start letting people on to Player.me with our private beta launch today!

It’s been a mad few months trying to get everything done and in all honesty we missed a couple of targets we set ourselves in the early days because…well they just weren’t feasible and we wouldn’t have been happy releasing an inferior product.What we’re launching with is something we’re happy for people to see. There is a load more for us to implement and add but as private beta products go I think this one kicks ass!

I’ll be sharing loads more about my Player.me experiences on the blog and I’ll also go back to highlight some of the things we did to get over 1,000 private beta registrations before today. I’ll also share some thoughts on how we achieved a conversion rate on Betali.st of over 60% and highlight tools we’re using to optimize the overall user experience.

Exciting times!