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Why Facebook should buy Linden Lab

There’s been a lot of talk about Second Life on Rift this week and the potential future of virtual worlds. What it’s really highlighted for me yet again, as I said in my post on the Oculus acqusition, is the immense potential for social with the Rift. By acquiring Linden Labs Facebook can leapfrog over 14 years of research & development and start delivering an experience where Facebook becomes the THE virtual world.


Examples I always use to illustrate the potential of VR are:

  • Personal: If I’m on the other side of the planet to my dad, who is a massive Man Utd fan, and there’s a big match on. We can organise to watch the match together at Old Trafford, sitting beside each other in the best seats in the house. We can chat, have a beer and just generally have the best experience possible outside of being in the stadium, without leaving our living rooms.
  • Business: I honestly believe that the Rift could seriously change the entire landscape of business travel. Yes, we are always going to have in person meetings but imagine the amount of smaller meetings that can be held in a virtual world where you’re able to really get to know that person without having to leave your own office. This is Skype and Google Hangouts on steroids.

I wish I just knew how to buy some Linden Lab stock…but as an alternative, buy Facebook!