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Facebook buying Oculus makes complete sense

I’ve been reading a lot about Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus and many commentators are saying the deal makes no sense at all…I disagree 100%.

What Facebook have done with this acquisition is prepare themselves for the potential next wave of interactive technology, not just for gaming but for everything. The excitement around the Oculus Rift revolved mainly around how it’s technology could be used to enhance gaming experiences but there were many companies getting as excited about it’s potential for films and education. Now, I’m pretty excited about it’s potential for social technology in general. Imagine sitting in your living room and interacting with friends you haven’t seen in years through a connection between your Oculus Rift and your Facebook account. When it comes to education, I think it’s pretty obvious how online tutoring services will eventually evolve. Why not have a class learning French by walking around Paris virtually with your tutor and interacting with the locals? Second Life on steroids basically.

Tbh, at $2bn the deal was cheap, cheap…CHEAP! and I know the gaming community is seriously pissed off but this move could accelerate a massive shift in how humans behave and interact. I bought an Oculus dev kit 6 months ago and at this point I feel torn, because on one side I love the thought of a young, punchy startup coming out of nothing and becoming a “game changer” (like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.) but on the other side I understand their chances of success were slimmer without someone like Facebook attached.

Time will tell.